Amino acids can not be greatly supplemented. Scientific supplement of amino acids can make the body full of energy


  Amino acid is a kind of basic material closely related to our life activities, and it is also one of the indispensable nutrients in each of us. Because amino acids are very important and the human body also needs them, some people will blindly supplement amino acids under the banner of enhancing nutrition. This is not recommended.

  Although the balance and appropriate supply of amino acids are the premise for us to maintain a healthy body, the lack of any one will affect the function of our human immune system. However, it is not said that we need to supplement amino acids. It is not important to supplement, but to supplement whether we lack them. Amino acid tablets on the market are not suitable for all people, but only for some special people. They are the same as calcium tablets and vitamin tablets, and not all people need to be supplemented. Although it is recommended to supplement amino acids to teenagers in growth and development, mental workers, people with low immunity, etc., it is not recommended to eat for a long time. Of course, it is best to supplement food.

  Of course, there is a population that is relatively lack of amino acids, that is, the elderly. Because the daily diet is difficult to meet the needs of the elderly for amino acid intake, we should supplement amino acids for the elderly with the help of exogenous sources, so as to ensure the health of the elderly. Among them, lysine is one of the essential amino acids for human body, but lysine cannot be synthesized by human body itself and can only be ingested through food or drugs. The main function of lysine is to promote the growth and development of infants, increase their own immunity and intelligence level, and also contribute to the absorption of calcium.

  Although lysine deficiency is rare, it is likely to lead to the following failures of body functions, such as anemia, lethargy and hair loss. It is also likely to lead to weight loss and anorexia. In serious cases, it will also lead to enzyme disorders and reproductive problems. Lysine deficiency is usually a relatively high incidence rate of vegetarian babies. If the intake of vegetable protein is low, it is easy to cause lysine deficiency in vivo.

  In fact, if you find your baby's long-term poor eating, long-term malnutrition and long-term low immune function. Or people who are too weak after surgery. Generally, this type of people can be injected with some amino acids to promote physical recovery.

  The benefits of amino acids are diverse, and there are many benefits for people, but for people who do not lack them, there is no need to make themselves over nourished. Xiaobian sends you a very short sentence, but it is very real: what is missing, what is supplemented, what is more, what is reduced! In addition to our daily food, we also take calcium tablets, iron, vitamins, amino acids and other nutritional foods. We must not make large and special supplements. We must make quantitative and appropriate supplements according to our body's needs, so as not to lead to excessive backlog. This is not a favorable choice for our body.

  For people with appropriate amino acids, we can classify them as follows. We can make self-evaluation according to the content, and then consider whether they need to be ingested. Generally speaking, an appropriate intake of amino acids can meet the needs of people with weak physique, weak digestive ability and high energy consumption (such as students or brain burning people such as mental workers).

  In the following categories, you can take your seats and see if you need to supplement amino acids.

  First of all, the first category is: people with weak physique and low immunity, such as people after illness, people after surgery, and people after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, are more suitable to supplement certain amino acids to improve their immunity.

  Then, the second category is pregnant women with babies, lactating mothers, young friends in development, malnourished children, and the elderly. Because of their limited exercise, it is also possible for the elderly to supplement an appropriate amount of pharmaceutical amino acids. Then, the third category is: people with abnormal liver function, people with low renal function and people with high blood glucose.

  The fourth category is: the students we just mentioned or the people engaged in mental work. This kind of people will burn their brains slightly and use their brains more frequently. Therefore, it is suggested to supplement a certain amount of amino acids to alleviate brain fatigue. In fact, if there is trauma, burn, fracture and postoperative wound healing, it is also suitable to supplement a certain amount of amino acids for self-regulation.

  Finally, it must be emphasized again that although amino acids are good, don't make big supplements. There are quantities in everything. Excess will cause backlog, which is not necessarily a good thing for yourself. Balanced nutrition and diet are the right way for us to maintain our health.

关键词: Amino acids can not be greatly supplemented. Scientific supplement of amino acids can make the body full of energy