Can amino acid deficiency cause hair loss?


  The eight amino acids necessary for the human body can only be ingested through food, such as lysine, serine, tryptophan, etc. to supplement amino acids, just pay attention to eating more protein rich foods, such as eggs, soybeans, milk, fish, etc.

  Amino acid deficiency can lead to weakness, weakness, pallor, fatigue, inattention, memory loss, etc. So can amino acid metabolism disorder cause hair loss?

  1. Congenital metabolic defect

  Homotryptophan Uria is an autosomal recessive inheritance with hazy thioether synthesis disorder with accumulation of homotryptophan. It can appear equine syndrome, early arteriosclerosis and hypopigmentation. Hair becomes thinner and thinner.

  2. Tryptophan oxygenase deficiency

  An autosomal recessive disease caused by the disorder of neutral amino acid transport in the kidney and intestine, characterized by pellagra like syndrome (caused by abnormal nicotinic acid metabolism), juvenile white hair and hair loss.

  3. Methionine malabsorption syndrome

  It is a recessive genetic disease with selective absorption disorder of methionine in the intestine. It will appear the manifestations of central nervous system, such as mental retardation and epilepsy. Hair changes to hypopigmentation with white hair.

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